The Arrow Canoe

The Arrow Canoe


We created the Arrow Canoe out of necessity, but first, the name. It kind of looks like a canoe. I like canoes. Canoes and traditional bows seem to go to together. And “Arrow Canoe” sounds more adventurous than “Arrow Hook” or “Thingy That Holds Your Arrow On”

This product really exemplifies why we started Traditional Woodsman. It’s a simple, inexpensive (nobody is getting rich selling a plastic hook and a rubber band) fix to a problem I have had in the woods. Especially when in a treestand, with my longbow hung from a hook or limb, very often a bump from my leg or a gust of wind will knock the arrow to the ground. If you hunt with a longbow, it’s happened to you.

**Comes in a pack of 15**

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Here’s the thing....ABSOLUTELY there are other ways to accomplish this. I have seen stick on things that grab your arrow, brass rod drilled into the riser to hook a rubber band, heck I have done it with a twig and a rubber band. But I like my version better.

You can stick it to the side of your bow with double sided tape for a semi-permanent fix. I just leave them loose, and keep a handful in my hunting bag. If you pop it off and it drops, the orange color will help you find it later. It is silent. Last year I tested removing it from my bow on well over 60 encounters with deer. Not one spooked because of noise or motion. Try a pack of 5. It just might turn into the handiest thing in your bag.