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We started Traditional Woodsman, LLC several years ago; in the beginning it was a simple blog. I did all of it myself, which was challenging. I am more “woodsman” than I am computer tech. I published some great stories, both of mine and other likeminded outdoor enthusiasts.

We went through a period during which we sold a huge amount of Asbell Wool products. We really enjoyed that, and we still work extremely close with Fred and Teresa Asbell. You will see some of their products on our site down the road.

This latest revision of Traditional Woodsman is really going back to what I had in mind when I started up years ago - I want to offer for sale things that I use, things that I KNOW enhance my time in the field. We will try hard to offer items that are made in America, made to our specifications.

Because I am first and foremost a traditional bowhunter, many of the products will be aimed at that pursuit. But other items, like our Traditional Woodsman Skinner and Axe, are all purpose tools that will enhance your time in the woods or around camp.

As for Traditional Woodsman LLC, the company; we have change logistically and internally. My two sons now work with me, and that adds a little discipline to how we run the organization. We expect to run an efficient company, with taking care of our customers as the lead goal each day.

Please give our products a try. And check back often, there will be new items periodically. Thanks, and see you down the trail......

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